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  1. Breath is my parent
  2. Did you know?
  3. The more we understand
  4. Most Tender Breath
  5. Today I can do something
  6. Each breath is brand new
  7. This breath brings me everything
  8. I am a team
  9. Learn patience from the breath
  10. Breath is my blessing
  11. Bad breath
  12. Breath brings peace again
  13. Breath is such a privilege
  14. Dive inside this breath now
  15. Breath not words
  16. Breath is the answer
  17. The truth is not out there
  18. A breath is so!
  19. Treasure chest of blessings
  20. Travel with the breath to inner space
  21. Inner space is a real pleasure and privilege
  22. My friend the breath
  23. The most taken for granted
  24. Move and breathe!
  25. For perfection look at the breath
  26. Let the nice feeling find you
  27. Real knowledge is possible
  28. The most valuable thing
  29. How important is the breath?
  30. Another day, another dollop
  31. The beautiful game
  32. Breathe today, breathe now
  33. Give me some truth
  34. Prepare to be amazed!
  35. Each breath is similar
  36. Each breath is unique
  37. Flower of breath
  38. Breath plus appreciation equals joy
  39. Discover life and love the breath
  40. Realize the beauty of this sweet breath
  41. The breath is unconditional love
  42. The breath gives freely
  43. Breath makes cosmic consciousness possible
  44. Breath leads to joyful reunions
  45. Breath answers prayers
  46. True love exists within the breath
  47. Breath is a place beyond desire
  48. Nothing compares to the breath
  49. Breathe easy
  50. The magic of the breath is unlimited
  51. The breath is gentle yet so powerful
  52. Realise the rhythm of the breath
  53. Breath is the last thing the mind wants
  54. True love reaches further than any words
  55. Breath is the perfect example
  56. Thank you breath!
  57. Every breath brings the ultimate potential
  58. The breath is invaluable
  59. The breath accepts us as we are
  60. There is justice within the breath
  61. Constant conscious breathing seems impossible
  62. Breath is the highest level
  63. The breath takes away my worries
  64. The breath, thankfully, has what we are looking for
  65. Beautiful drum of breath
  66. Before the door shuts
  67. Getting our breath back
  68. See the love
  69. Breath brings people into my life
  70. The breath deserves our attention
  71. The breath is worth worshipping
  72. Breathe the satisfying inner thrill
  73. Follow the breath
  74. Comparisons disappear in the world of the breath
  75. The true Christian spirit can be found within the breath
  76. The breath is so cool
  77. Accept the breath as it is
  78. Real Truth is within the breath
  79. The breath makes everything alright again
  80. The breath is the cause of every success
  81. The breath accommodates everyone
  82. We all trust the breath
  83. The breath brings itself
  84. Mind and science depend on the breath
  85. Breathe in and be thankful
  86. Each breath is a possibility
  87. Breath is a prayer answered
  88. The perfect gadget
  89. Breath brings fantasy too
  90. Return to innocence
  91. But a breath
  92. Ride the breath
  93. Know the breath!
  94. The breath answers my questions
  95. Breath brings everything
  96. The breath brings opportunities
  97. Go with the flow of the breath
  98. The breath brings such freedom
  99. Breath, spirit and inspiration are inextricably linked